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Corporate Profile for Peridot, Inc.

PERIDOT, Inc. (pair-uh-doe) is a full service product development service bureau working for today's engineer to reduce time for product and tool development while improving product quality. Our experience, broad capabilities, and efficient prototyping technologies bring your new design to life more quickly, improving your bottom line.

Our mission is to provide you with a solution to meet your needs, whether it is for design verification, marketing, or functional testing. We understand the unique advantages that each technology provides, allowing us to tailor a solution to your exact needs. As a flexible family owned service bureau, PERIDOT offers unique customer service and new and creative ideas. We can also provide secondary operations on your prototype such as machining, assembly or incorporating last minute design changes.

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Design Assistance

  • Conceptual ideas, sketches, and technical renderings.
  • Using SolidWorks we can interface with nearly any type of other CAD system.

Rapid Prototyping

  • SLA (including clear and BLUESTONE™ parts), SLS, FDM, Machining.

Molded Plastic Parts

  • Using an RP master to make an RTV rubber mold for quick turn-around ‘simulated’ production parts or providing a composite injection mold when the ‘production material’ is required for the job.

Patterns & Castings

  • In-house pattern making using the latest rapid prototyping technology for timely tooling that helps us to provide all types of ferrous and non-ferrous castings from an array of different castings methods.

Formed Metal & Plastic

  • From metal stampings to vacuum-formed parts, we can provide prototypes to meet your need.

Support Services

  • Whether it is custom finishing on a model, laser cutting a stamping, or heat treating and E-coating a casting; PERIDOT can provide turn-key services.

Peridot's creative rapid prototyping solutions give you a convenient, one-stop development and prototyping service bureau


PERIDOT is a family owned and operated service bureau that offers effective and timely solutions to today’s rapid prototyping needs. Using our engineering background, we understand that every prototyping project has its unique requirements that need to be evaluated and accounted for when making prototypes. Time is also a critical factor; our quick response and flexibility of our group offers rapid results. This blend of engineering experience, flexibility, and quick results are intangible advantages that set PERIDOT apart.


As a focused organization, our lower overhead allows us to maintain more affordable pricing for our engineering and prototyping services. We also work with partners as needed to keep our expenses down and offer our customers very cost effective solutions.


When time is short and demand is high, PERIDOT has a distinct advantage of deriving solutions by using creativity as opposed to the “typical" way of doing something that may be more costly or time consuming. By working with the customer and understanding what needs to be accomplished, we can provide an answer that meets the need. We do not “try to put a round peg though a square hole."

Contact us today for a custom quotation on the manufacturing solution that will meet your exact needs.