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FDA Approved Materials

Cast Urethanes for Food Contact & Medical Applications

TUFFALLOY 187 and 2463 is a series of casting and potting compounds ideally suited for medical and food contact applications. This TUFFALLOY SERIES is manufactured to ultra-high quality standards using FDA approved components.

TUFFALLOY 187 and 2463 series have excellent bonding characteristics to various substrates, and are tough products with good physicals. Users have completed extensive extractable testing and the TUFFALLOY series has passed the most rigorous tests. A few of the most common applications for this TUFFALLOY SERIES are medical devices and parts, filtration and ultra filtration potting and sealing compounds. Hardness from Shore A 87 - Shore D 80 are available.

Physical PropertiesTest
Color - Transparent/ hazy Transparent/ hazy
Hardness (Shore)
30 days @ room temp.
2 hours @ 1000 C
88 A+5
88 A+3
80 +/- 3
Specific Gravity:Mixed ASTM
1.13 -
Tensile Strength ASTM
1500 psi 7500 psi
Elongation ASTM
200% 6%
Tensile LapShear Strength ASTM
1800 psi -
FDA Status (Components may appear in one or more of these sections). - uses all FDA
approved components
per CFR 21.175.105
CFR 21.175.300
CFR 21.177.1680
CFR 21.177.2600
uses all FDA
approved components
per CFR 21.175.105
CFR 21.175.300
CFR 21.177.1680
CFR 21.177.2600

Food & Drug Grade Urethane 2463 has unique physical and chemical properties, passes testing for USP Class 6, and is made with FDA approved material.

The information presented here is based on carefully conducted laboratory tests and is believed to be accurate. However, results cannot be guaranteed and it is suggested that customers confirm results under their conditions and in their applications before production use.

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