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Functional Prototyping of a Housing for the Automotive Industry

A customer in the automotive industry contracted Peridot to create a fully functional prototype of the custom Housing highlighted here. Utilizing simulated polycarbonate material and a state of the art SLA rapid prototyping machine, the advanced stereolithography (SLA) process was carried out to produce this prototype, holding a tolerance of ± 0.25mm. In order to properly perform a liquid flow analysis, optical clarity was necessary. This part is originally manufactured in metal, and fabrication out of transparent plastic was a manufacturing challenge Peridot overcame with proprietary innovations for the customer. Other unique specifications including the unit’s large size and complete moisture resistance also required ingenuity to produce. The part was assembled as specified, and finish machining performed for the tight tolerances and threaded features.

In addition to flow analysis, the unit underwent fit and functionality testing. Final measurements of the prototype were 22.7” in length, 21.4” in width, and 14.5” in width, and a mass of 393 cubic inches. 6 prototypes sub-components were manufactured within a 4 week turnaround time and shipped to the customer in the midwest. For more information about this automotive Housing functional prototype project, or the other rapid prototyping solutions available please see the table below or contact Peridot directly.

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Functional Prototyping of a Housing Project Highlights

Product Description
Visual Analysis of Fluid Flow
Prototyping Capabilities Applied/Processes
Stereolithography (SLA) Prototyping – Functional

Finish Machining for Tight Tolerance & Threaded Features
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
SLA Rapid Prototyping Machine (SLA 7000)
Overall Part Dimensions
Length: 22.7”
Width: 14.5”
Volume: 393 cu. in.
Tightest Tolerances
± 0.25mm
Material Used
SLA (Simulated Polycarbonate)
Additional Facts
Moisture Resistant
Optical Clarity
In process testing/inspection performed
Fluid Flow Analysis, Fit and Functionality Testing
Industry for Use
Automotive Industry
6 pieces/assembly
Delivery/Turnaround Time
4 Weeks
Delivery Location
Standards Met
Customer Specifications, CAD Drawings
Product Name
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