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Polymer Molding of a SLA Rapid Prototype Electronic Sensor for the HVAC and Architectural Industry

Peridot was commissioned by a customer in the HVAC industry to fabricate a custom sensor Housing, used in electrical components. This multi step process began with verifying the sensor design, carried out using Peridot’s advanced SLA rapid prototyping process. Rubber molded soft tooling was then created to facilitate a pilot run for functional verification. A sample batch of sensors were constructed with the rubber molding process, using PX-100 polyurethane and holding a tight tolerance of ± 0.005”. Two different sensor housings were produced, with sensor #1 measuring 3.000” in diameter, and 0.874” in height, and sensor #2 dimensions being a 3.456” diameter, and a height of 0.330”. The sensors were blast finished to produce a grade B surface finish. Satisfied with design and functionality, hard tooling was fabricated for injection mold production, using CNC machining.

Three iterations of SLA rapid prototypes, twenty-five rubber-molded polyurethane parts, and five-hundred injection molded sensors were constructed for this project, completed after turnaround times of less than 1 week for the SLA prototype, less than 2 weeks for the soft tooling phase, and 6 weeks for the injection molded samples. Parts were fabricated to customer specifications, and met the UL 94V-0 flammability requirements. For more information about this SLA rapid prototyping and polymer molding sensor project, or the other functional prototyping and manufacturing capabilities available please see the table below or contact Peridot directly.

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SLA Rapid Prototype Electronic Sensor Project Highlights

Product Description
These are the electrical components for the HVAC industry
Prototyping Capabilities Applied/Processes
Injection Molding
Rubber molding of urethane parts

SLA Rapid Prototyping
Blast Finishing
Equipment Used to Manufacture Parts
SLA Machine
Rubber Molds
CNC Machined Injection Molds
Overall Part Dimensions
Sensor #1
  • Length: 2.996” 3” diameter
  • Width: 3.000”
  • Height: 0.874”
Sensor #2
  • Length: 3.451” diameter
  • Width: 3.456”
  • Height: 0.330”
Tightest Tolerances
± 0.005”
Material Used
PX-100 Polyurethane
Material Finish
Grade B Blasted
In process testing/inspection performed
Flammability requirements: UL 94V-0
Industry for Use
3 SLA’s, 25 proto-functional urethane pcs, 500 injection molded
Delivery/Turnaround Time
SLA – less than one week
Soft Tooled Parts – less than 2 weeks
Injection Molded samples – 6 weeks
Standards Met
Customer Specifications, 2D & 3D CAD Drawing
Product Name
SLA Rapid Prototype Small Sensor
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