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Precision Investment Casting of a Steel Cab Hinge for the Off- Highway Industry

In addition to being a recognized provider of prototyping and product development services, Peridot also serves customers as a production source, offering medium volume production services. In the project outlined here, they were contracted by a customer in the automotive and off-highway industry to fabricate a custom 4-pc cab hinge, used in an ATV windshield assembly. Peridot developed the engineering process for the provided design, as well as the custom tooling and fixturing necessary to produce the part. The unit’s 1045 steel castings were produced via a precision investment casting process at Peridot’s offshore foundry partner and shipped to the US facility where full testing for quality and integrity were carried out. The part was assembled, integrating pins and bushings into the casting as specified. Precision detailing was performed where required, utilizing advanced CNC machining processes. The hinge was subjected to di-chromate and powder coating treatments to obtain a textured black finish to match mating components in the assembly.

The 4-pc unit underwent intensive in process and post production testing and inspections including visual and dimensional inspection, salt spray testing, durability testing, and fit testing. Dimensions of the cab hinge were 2.40” in length, 1,07” in width, and a depth of 2.22”; glass hinge dimensions were 2.50” in length and 1.17” in width. The tightest tolerance of ± 0.004” was maintained throughout fabrication. This unit is contracted to a 4 year production schedule, annually manufacturing 8,000 units with JIT shipments every 2 weeks to multiple facilities in the Great lakes and Upper Midwest. For more information about this custom cab hinge fabrication, or the other production capabilities available please see the table below or contact Peridot directly.

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Precision Investment Casting of a Steel Cab Hinge Project Highlights

Product Description
It’s a windshield hinge for an ATV
Aluminum Casting Capabilities Applied/Processes
Engineering Development and Design
  • Process Engineering
  • Tooling and Fixturing
Precision Investment Casting
CNC Machining

Assembly – Pins Pressed into Cab Casting
Powder Coating
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
Steel Casting from offshore, Peridot brings it into their facility, does quality checks, final assembly, packages & ships. Peridot is the domestic liaison for this part; they have it made at their offshore foundry partner facility. They bring it in, QC, package & ship it.
Overall Part Dimensions
Glass Hinge
  • Length: 2.50”
  • Height: 1.17”
Cab Hinge
  • Length: 2.40”
  • Height: 1.07”
  • Depth: 2.22”
Tightest Tolerances
± 0.004”
Material Used
1045 steel
Material Finish
Textured Black Powder Coated
In process testing/inspection performed
Dimensional Inspection, Visual Inspection
Fit Testing, Salt Spray Testing
Industry for Use
8,000 pairs/year
Delivery/Turnaround Time
Started in June 2012. This is a 4 year program; parts are supplied every 2 weeks. Parts are delivered JIT
Delivery Location
Program is supplied to 3 different facilities:
Great lakes region and upper midwest
Standards Met
Customer Specifications, 2D & 3D CAD Drawing
Product Name
Cab Hinge
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